cloud networkThere are many considerations that you should have when selecting a micro data center at Elliptical Mobile Solutions. However, many of the considerations associated with selecting micro data centers are the same that you would have when you are choosing any data center. This article will detail out both the important factors to consider when selecting a data center as well as a micro data center.

To start with it is important to understand why a company would use a data center in the first place. Currently, most data centers are on the cloud and there is a lot of advantages to using a server on the cloud. Servers will perform two major functions for customers; they allow a company to run more complex and powerful programs on a remote machine so that the local machines can be less powerful thereby making them more affordable and smaller, and allow for the external storage of data on third party servers that can help to mitigate the loss of this data.

Given these factors, it is important to choose micro data centers that can both receive information from your businesses’ local machines quickly and without interruption and are secure in storing and backing up data. Above and beyond anything else, these are the two factors that come into play, but the weighting of each factor will greatly depend on the business itself that is using the data and how essential each of these factors are to them. For example, a bank or other business that handles and stores customer data should be dedicated first and foremost to the privacy of their customers and to the security of the data that they are storing. For these companies, data security is essential but so is having failsafes in place. Other businesses, such as hedge funds that use robust formulas for calculating and predicting the likely movement of the stock market, speed may be essential. Each business has different priorities in place for their data center which they should consider fully when choosing a micro data center for their business.

Micro data centers have some added benefits to certain businesses in being smaller and able to locate more closely to the business itself which can improve on the speed of the storage and can be more customizable. In addition, they can be located in major urban centers such as New York City, where as a larger and more traditional data center could be cost prohibitive. When choosing micro data centers to consider be sure to find one that is in close proximity to your business, which has excellent internet connections, and which provide the amount of data that you need to run you required processes and provide for the needed data security that you require.

networkFinally, the expansion in the industry for micro data centers has led to a significant increase in the number of competitors in the market. The vast number of competitors has led to better pricing and added capacity, but has also led to a number of competitors who may not be in the industry for the duration that you need them to be and may not have the security measures in place to protect and control your data. Try to concentrate on more established data centers that are backed by large corporations and ask to see internal control documents that are audited by Certified Public Accountants that attest to the security controls that they have in place to store and protect your data. This will provide some security to your businesses’ data and often provide you with better insurance discounts when you apply for certain insurance policies.